Agroprim - about the company:

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Dariusz Głowski - the owner

Agroprim is the Polish family company that has been present at the market since 1997. Its head office is located at Pałuki in Zrazim, not far away from Janowiec.

The company produces dried vegetables. It specialises in drying of both parsley leaves and fennel.

The second branch of the company’s activity is the production of functional products and spice mixes for meat industry as well as trade in additives for food industry.

The production is based on technology that enables to keep the highest quality standards. It takes place in accordance with GHP, GMP and principles of health safety of products - HACCP. The company operates on the basis of BRC. Its products are sold both on domestic and foreign markets. Agroprim exports, among others, to Germany, Holland, Spain, Czech Republic and other European countries.

Thanks to the highest quality of products, its repetitiveness and safety, Agroprim has gained the trust of biggest companies of meat industry in Poland.

AGROPORIM – technology, quality, safety.


The office is open from Monday to Friday, 7am - 3 pm.

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